World Workplace Europe May 2018 – Akerberg Thomas were delighted to be key note speakers

World Workplace Europe May 2018 – 	Akerberg Thomas were delighted to be key note speakers

How does digitalisation in the workplace effect the workforce?

So what happened?

It was a full agenda and the schedule included panel discussions, workshops and presentations.  The conference was about digitalisation in the workplace but more importantly it became clear by the middle of the first day that the priority for EVERYONE was all about their PEOPLE and how digitalisation would effect the workforce.  Great it was exactly our Message:

Your People For Tomorrow Today!

Key Challenges facing people issues in a digitalised world?

We talked about ways to attract, retain and engage the workforce, key tips and new styles to ensure all the generations want to work for you.

Culture of an organisation is becoming a hot topic alongside wellbeing – both require agility and relevance to the workforce.

We even showcased a Robot hiring Humans – I have to say that Robot Vera probably stole the show! She is never sick, can interview 1,500 candidates a day and is completely unbiased.

So what are the key messages leaders should be doing?

Well they should Act Now – we know that people want more from their companies than ever before.

No Regrets and Place Your Bets – plan for a dynamic workforce, don’t regret what’s happened in the past and place your bets on the skills and behaviours people have not the job or role they have held before.

Make a big leap – don’t think about where your starting point is but where you want the end point to be

Own the Automation Debate – don’t leave it to I.T or H.R it should be owned by everyone.

Its about People NOT jobs nurture agility, adaptability and re-skilling.

Build a clear narrative, anxiety kills confidence and innovation.


Key Topics we covered:

Our 6 Big Trends:

  1. The Gig Economy
  2. Employee Experience
  3. Wellness & Wellbeing
  4. Digitalisation
  5. Co-Working Workplaces
  6. Gig – Economy

What people actually are saying:

What people actually want?

The top want is of no real surprise its to be listened to properly, not to be given lip service by the management teams.  For leaders to have an open mind and to give the task that they undertake real purpose.

“The workforce Today is changing and we need to be agile to adapt our thinking

for the people of Tomorrow AND Digitalisation can help us”.

9-5 is over – the Gig Economy is here!


The global distribution of freelancers:

North America: 50.7%
Europe: 29.3%
Asia: 11.3%
 South America: 4.0
Australia: 3.3%
Africa: 1.4%