From XYZ to Alpha, Beta, Gamma . . . . . .Generation Alpha – 2 Billion in 2025 – Yep that’s 2.5 million of them being born every week!

From XYZ to Alpha, Beta, Gamma . . . . . .Generation Alpha – 2 Billion in 2025 – Yep that’s 2.5 million of them being born every week!

Generation X Gone virtually – checking their bank balances and calculating whether to semi-retire or undertake another 10 years of work for an organisation owned by a Gen Zer.

Generation Y (Millennials) are now the largest generation in the electorate, the oldest are now 35 years and are probably googling about the pro’s and con’s of botox

Generation Z are setting up their third entrepreneurial business, blocking their Gen Y parents from Snapchat and contemplating their next philanthropic project.

But hang on a minute we now have to understand Generation Alpha – Seriously!

Something you probably haven’t yet considered but could have a considerable impact on your business for the future is really understanding the future generations. Why? Because back in the dark ages there was this book called the ‘War for Talent’ and it still stands today and will do tomorrow – talent is in short supply and everyone is looking for it.

Generation Alpha currently around the age of 7 years old and below are stepping into the spotlight and they will force you to consider your organisations structure, policies, benefits, security systems, technology, benefits, recruitment and management like never before.

As a self proclaimed demographic ninja I reckon I can steer you guys onto the right path of how to tackle this totally entitled generation:
1. Recruitment – act as a sports coach or a talent spotter – start early at schools to promote how you can help them achieve their ambitions – that’s right you have to sell to them. Think internships, apprenticeships, work experience, finite periods of project work will all be ways to recruit Alpha’s. Also remember to make recruiting a competition and award badges, rewards, development, experiences – the parents will love that for their little darlings because they think their kids are the BEST!

2. Technology – they will be growing up in unprecedented environment of digital technologies – from AI toys through to visual augmented realities. Screens have been placed in front of them from birth as pacifiers, entertainers and educational aids. They began being born in 2010, the year the iPad was introduced, Instagram was created and the word ‘app’ was the word of the year. However ask them to hold a pencil and write on paper well that may be challenging for them. All this technology will however shape this generations perceptions, influence their attitudes, habits and cognitive abilities and within an organisation you should be harnessing these qualities to propel your thinking forward to be perhaps the new guru and thought leader of tomorrow before them.

3. Wellness and Wellbeing will be super hot – Alpha’s will only want to be part of your organisation if you put the environment first, you need to be totally aware of whats going on in the planet – plastic what’s that? They will want ethical, compliant, transparent firms that take issues of the Green seriously and puts corporate social responsibility at the top of the agenda. Helping others to be better, smarter, healthier and tolerant is taken as Red.

4. Equality and Diversity – is this even such a thing in the world of the Alpha? At this stage no one will refer to people as ‘she’ or ‘he’ it will be totally gender non-binary in fact to quote Billions Series 2, ‘please use pronouns they, theirs and them when addressing me’ – love that Box Set!

5. Management – that term will no longer exist and Alphas will have no need for a Manager – the co-worker who is overseeing that project remotely/flexibly will connect with you and after a point in time that co-created team will disband to form elsewhere.

So jump on board now because like generations before them, the cuteness wears off – they will be big and you can’t be too early to start creating a wave of stereotypes.

Should I even discuss Generations Beta, Gamma and Delta? Well we won’t be getting there until the second half of the 21st Century and quite frankly I will be reading my paperback book, still eating carbohydrates and meat and having more than the occasional Gin & Tonic.

by Emma Thomas, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Åkerberg Thomas