Our Journey to Day 1

Our Journey to Day 1

by Emma Thomas, Managing Director

The journey to today probably started back in 2014, when both Magnus and myself began to think that we could provide an integrated human resource based business. At the time we didn’t know exactly how this could work, look or the uniqueness of our service offering.

We had been to multiple meetings in the City of London and were coming back on the inevitable overcrowded tube and we started talking about ‘what if we were to start our own business’. You know that conversation that you often have with colleagues at the end of the week with a glass of wine and you end up conquering the world and being the next google or apple organisation.

Several months/years later every now and then we would be with a client in a different part of the world discussing their people issues and outsourcing project and we realised that we were acting more as an advisor and people partner to them and their HR departments. We could see that there was a gap in the market and that we could have prevented mistakes being made and huge monetary ones but we had no remit or mandate to step in. We began to believe that actually this could be a reality and not just a ‘what if’ conversation. Six months ago we left our roles to discover the next step in our career journeys and over that time our thinking has changed and evolved, we have shared our thoughts through speaking to people we know and within their organisations and businesses, looked at what their people issues are, researched the market place and discovered what are our key characteristics in order to shape us as a business.

Åkerberg Thomas is all about being a People Partner its about the whole people solution for businesses large or small.

Flexibility is essential – offering a service thats totally flexible to the needs of your business, flexibility for the people that work for us or as a partner; flexibility on how we procure our services and expertise and flexibility on the scope and depth of our iHR service or recruitment, interim management or outplacement to you.

Our integrated Human Resource approach (iHR) means that big or small, one off advice or project, piece of recruitment or large people due diligence we can with the help of our unique partners deliver it all.

Your people today + iHR = Your people tomorrow.